It is festival time from the north to the south. As the states of Punjab and Haryana offer thanks for a good harvest in the year gone by, those in Kerala pray for happiness, health and prosperity in the coming year.

Harvest joy and prosperity this Baisakhi - Shumee


This week will witness fun food and celebrations everywhere. No matter what part of India you live in, it is time to celebrate. In Assam, Rongali Bihu too marks the beginning of Assamese New Year and the coming of spring season. The festivities and feasting carry on for a good few days, on a grand scale. Bengali homes will welcome , Naba Barsa or Poila Baisakh  with elaborate alpanas (rangolis). The Tamil new year or Puthandu  is also on the same day as all the rest of these festivals. For those in the state of Bihar it is Vaishakha and for Buddhists everywhere it is Buddha Pournima. 

Prosperity and joy bloom through out the year - Shumee

The Konna pu or laburnums festoon the homes in Kerala  while the aroma of pumpkin flower fritters or Kumro Ful waft through Bengali homes. Houses are elaborately decorated with flowers as there is no shortage of flowers during this season. Lamps are lit and prayers are offered in thanks for all that happened in the year gone by and  in anticipation of a good year ahead. Families get together everywhere and feast together on their favourite foods. 

No matter where you happen to be usher in this week and the coming year with fun, family and friends. We wish everyone a happy harvest and a happy new year! 
April 13, 2016 — Shumee Toys
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