Screen time is almost considered a babysitter in today's times. Young children are fascinated with the bright lights of the phone, TV, or tablet and enjoy scrolling. As parents, we find ourselves giving our children a little bit of screen time so we can finish our chores or answer a quick phone call.

The World Health Organisation recommends no screen time for babies under 1 and only one hour or less for children under the age of 5. Guidelines aside, how can parents keep kids engaged mindfully without screens, especially during long waits at restaurants or even while they are busy with work at home? On this episode of Playtime with shumee we speak with Dr Anuroopa Gupta and Aastha Chalana -- two moms who have managed to keep preschoolers away from screen time. They share their tips, tricks and their honest approach to mindfully engage their kids.



June 22, 2023 — meeta gupta
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