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If your child is starting to speak, recognize shapes, and name colours, learning the alphabets and counting is the next step in their development! Learning toys can be a huge help in encouraging them to pick up letters and numbers. At shumee, we have a fantastic selection of open-ended wooden alphabet and number toys.

For young toddlers, the shumee activity triangle is an evergreen favourite! Your child will love the fun activities, colourful illustrations, and learn to count and identify alphabets along the way.

3D puzzles and floor puzzles are good toys to help older toddlers and preschoolers learn shapes, numbers, and counting. shumee's 3D puzzles in come in the shapes of dinos, rockets, and funky wooden clocks!

Wooden blocks with alphabets, kids' activity sets, and animal-themed snap cards and books are some other awesome games and toys that you can select from at shumee. If you'd like some help to pick the perfect toy, reach out to our team and we'd love to guide you!

What is the best way to teach a 2-year-old ABCs?
Activity toys like blocks, activity triangles, and flash cards are fun, engaging, and effortless ways to help your child learn the alphabets.

What toys can help a toddler's development?
Open ended toys that are designed for free play will aid a child's development. From wooden blocks to stamps to 3D paper activities sets, we have a wide range of development-focused toys at shumee.

How do you get a 2-year-old to count?
Using toys like blocks, colourful abacuses, or even playing card games will help your child learn numbers and counting.