Ciacio at the Pole - by Sarah Khoury

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Board Book I 8.25 x 6 inches I 30 pages 

Written & illustrated by Sarah Khoury

Adapted in English by Christy Olson Kennedy

The wind takes our adventurous friend Ciacio to the North Pole where he searches for anybody who might live there. They are all around, but he has a hard time spotting them. It's a beautiful place but there's also someone waiting for him at home!

Ciacio ('CHA-choh,' rhymes with STOP-go)

Ciacio is a rabbit-bear. He is small but very special. He goes on long journeys to visit extraordinary places all over the world. His curiosity sometimes puts him in peril, but his sweetness always brings help from charming, new friends. He is excited to tell you about the fascinating and beautiful places he's been!

Sarah Khoury is an Italian illustrator and author, based in Antibes, France. Born in 1984, she has loved drawing since she was a child. She is a graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts, Venice and specializes in illustration for children. Ciacio is the protagonist of Sarah's picture books series, she created this character as a tribute to her favourite childhood puppet. 

Original Title: Ciacio al Polo © Ipermedium Comunicazione e Servizi s.a.s./ Lavieri edizioni, Italy

Ciacio at the Pole - by Sarah Khoury

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