Gift Box for Babies -3 (1-2 Years)

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Product description:

Discover the world through play with this Ele's Box for Babies! Perfect toys for your child as they learn to observe and identify various objects, pretend play different scenarios, and run around in their own make believe worlds! Let them sort, stack, and build their vocabulary while exploring the beautiful world around them.

What will I get?

(1) Transporter Truck: A pastel green kids activity toy truck with a detachable trailer that has smooth wooden pegs to hold cars in place. The set comes with 2 blue and pink cars that can be placed on the truck or played with separately.

(2) Shape sorting cards: A sturdy sheet puzzle with cut-out blanks that you can fix together to create different scenes out of.

(3) Construction Toy: A cute, multi-shape pegging toy for activity based play.

(4) Flash Cards: 4 colourful flash cards to introduce your toddler to different shapes and objects!

5) Parenting Guide: Expert created guide with early parenting tips on introducing toys, feeding, and more. 

How to play?

(1) Transporter Truck: 

Tell your child about what a transporter truck is and how this wooden toy truck can be used. Fix the truck together and add the cars on top. You can create stories as you play and pick up each broken down car along the way! You could also play with the cars separately or have the truck be a part of a larger road travel game. 

(2) Shape sorting cards: 

Fit the given shapes into the blanks and complete the scene. Great way to learn about shapes and introduce your little one to the awesome world of puzzles!

(3) Construction Toy: 

Put together the blocks in different ways on the pegs to make trucks and cars! Name the shapes, colours, and learn to identify various modes of transport. 

(4) Flash Cards: 

- These cards are perfect for your child to make multiple associations and learn in a fun way. Toddlers and preschoolers will love the ways they can mix and match ideas that emerge each time they play with these cards.
- Talk about the different objects you see on the cards.
- Call out an object or a number and ask your child to find it.
- Build stories using these flash cards and have your child join in!

What will my child learn?

toys for development of fine motor skills

Playing with the pegging toys and the puzzle will hone your child's grip, finger strength, and overall fine motor skills.


toys for creativity skill development
The pegging toys and flash cards are a great to build stories and get creative with. 



toys for communication skill development

All these toys are designed to introduce your child to new, basic, and important concepts. They will help build your little one's vocabulary and communication skills.


toys for problem solving skill development
Figuring out how to fix the puzzle and insert the blocks into the pegs will strengthen your child's spatial awareness and problem solving skills.

Materials & Care

These toys are handmade with organic materials and painted with eco-friendly and non-toxic colours. Tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 international standards.

Need more help?

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for subscription boxes. 

Gift Box for Babies -3 (1-2 Years)

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