Gift Box for Babies -1 (0-1 Years)

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Product description:

Discover the world through play with this Ele's Box for Babies! Perfect toys for your child to soak up the patterns, shapes, and sounds around them. Let your child watch, listen, grip, or put our safe toys in the mouth as they enjoy exploring this beautiful world! 

What will I get?

(1) Clutch Ball: A soft and squishy sensory ball in bright colours for your little sunshine! This ball doubles as a rattle and has a unique segmented design which makes it easy for tiny hands to hold.

(2) Flower Teether:  A flower-shaped teether made of natural ivory wood, with a little crochet leaf.

(3) Rattle Ring* : Rattle + Teether + Toy, all in one. Handmade with a traditional amigurumi weave. Great for the crib and travel-friendly (fits most purses).

*Product colour/style may vary

(4) Flash Cards - A set of high contrast black and white flash cards with adorable illustrations your child will love.

(5) Hand Leg Imprint Cards: Beautifully crafted set of hand and foot print cards to peserve imprints of those precious little hands and feet!

(6) Parenting Guide: Expert created guide with early parenting tips on introducing toys, feeding, and more. 

How to play?

(1) Clutch Ball: 

- Hold the ball before your baby and shake it gently. Slowly move it from side to side, allowing their eyes to follow the sound. Place the ball at a slight distance from your child and encourage them to stretch their arms and reach for it, or to crawl and get to it.
- Let them hold and play with it. They will enjoy the segmented feel and be delighted by the bright colours and patterns!

(2) Flower Teether: 

Use this wooden flower as a beautiful rattle for your baby. Let them hold and play with it. Your baby can sink their gums into the safe material of the rattle, which also makes it the perfect teether.

(3) Rattle Ring*:

Use this ring as a fun rattle for your baby. Let them hold and play with it. The ring is easy to hold and they will love the feel of the crochet. Your baby can also sink their gums into the safe material of the rattle, which also makes it a great teether.

(4) Hand Leg Imprint Cards: 

Spread child-safe paint or ink on your baby's foot and let firmly press the cards against it. Store precious memories of their early years! 

 What will my child learn?

toys for development of fine motor skills
Holding and moving the rattles and ball around will hone your child's grip and overall fine motor skills.

The colours and patterns on the rattles and the ball will get your child curious and keep them happily playing for hours! 

toys for sensory development

The gentle sounds of the rattles will soothe your baby and the colours will provide visual stimulation. The high contrast cards will help build their visual perception. The crochet and segmentation of the clutch ball will give them tactile stimulation. 


Materials & Care

These toys are handmade with organic cotton and wood and painted with eco-friendly, non-toxic colours. Tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 international toy standards.

Need more help?

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for subscription boxes. 

Gift Box for Babies -1 (0-1 Years)

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