Laughter And Fun Combo [Set of 2 books]

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Ha… Ha… Hasya! (English) - Author : Ashok Rajagopalan

Specifications: 96 pages

 The devas are at the gates of Patala, raring to wage war. But the asuras turn up unarmed and jolly! Is their king, Hasyasura, up to something? Does he have a secret weapon? Indra, king of the gods, is suspicious. Narada sends Hasya Sura, a teen deva, as spy from the sky to uncover Hasyasura’s plans down under. There, he meets more than his match in Princess Shantaswaroopa, who has ideas of her own to resolve the eternal enmity between suras and asuras! 


Four (English) - Author : Poile Sengupta

Specifications: 28 pages

Illustrator : Greystroke

“Tell me please: What is The Night?” asks a little girl of the earthworm, the owl, the firefly… Glowing out from the pages, their answers merge into a tapestry of the more mysterious sides of night-time and the curious habits of creatures that come to life in darkness. 






Laughter And Fun Combo [Set of 2 books]

₹351 (incl. of all taxes)