One with Nature Combo [Set of 3 books]

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The Gular Flower (English) - Author : Rinchin

Specifications: 24 pages

Illustrator: Vipul Verma

The gular, or cluster fig, flower is very very beautiful, everyone says, and Renchu is desperate to see it. But is it red and big, pink and small, or white and shining like a star? Does it bloom during full moon in the month of Magh or of Kartik? There are many stories, all different, and only the really lucky get to see it. As she goes about her day picking waste, Renchu can think of only one thing – will she too see it sometime?

Mama, What Is The Night? (English) - Author : Manjula Padmanabhan

Specifications: 24 pages

Illustrator : Manjula Padmanabhan

“Tell me please: What is The Night?” asks a little girl of the earthworm, the owl, the firefly… Glowing out from the pages, their answers merge into a tapestry of the more mysterious sides of night-time and the curious habits of creatures that come to life in darkness. 


Where's the sun? - by Niveditha Subramaniam

Specifications:: 24 pages
One morning, a mother and child go in search of the sun. Will they find it? The simple story is based on a traditional painting by a master Warli artist, with illustrations extracted from the original spectacular canvas.
Author: Niveditha Subramaniam is excited by the possibilities of picture books and comics, and loves photography. She has published several books, including Mayil Will Not Be Quiet, Jalebi Curls and The Musical Donkey.




One with Nature Combo [Set of 3 books]

₹508 (incl. of all taxes)