Wooden Walker and Crochet Shaker Combo (1+ years)

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toys for babies
Walk and Shake Combo
This combo is designed to help your child build their fine and gross motor skills with simple and engaging toys. The Crochet Shaker filled with beads is perfect for little hands to hold and will develop motor and sensory skills for babies. The Activity Walker comes with several fun elements to sharpen your child’s sensory and motor skills as they grow. Both these toys are packed with opportunities for development and will be valuable staples in any playbox!

What will I get?

Crochet Shaker
A colourful, one of a kind, hand-crafted wooden rattle with different patterns, colours and textures.
Activity Walker
A musical baby walker with a wooden xylophone, rattle, a clock with numbers and hands, grooves to move and glide shapes, multi-coloured gears, an abacus, and a bead maze.

How to play?
What will my child learn?

toys for building communication skillsCommunication : The walker will help them learn numbers and communicate as they play with the clock and the abacus.

toys for fine motor skill developmentFine motor skills:
Grasping the rattle and moving the beads, gears, and clock hands on the Walker will hone their fine motor skills.


toys for gross motors skill development

Gross motor skills:  Trying to reach for the rattle will encourage your little one to crawl and the walker is perfect to push them to the next level and get them ready to walk.


toys for sensory skill development

Sensory: The bright colours, varied shapes, and musical elements on both toys will hone their sensory skills.

toys for self-expression skill developmentSelf expression:
The mirror on the walker will introduce your child to a sense of self and the multi-coloured xylophone will help them express themselves creatively.

Materials and Dimensions?

Wooden Walker and Crochet Shaker Combo (1+ years)

₹5,409 (incl. of all taxes)

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Lakhsmanan Shanmugam
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Neat & good

I bought walker from shumee for my son 11months,the quality &idea is good but price bit higher