Independence – A state of being free from outside support...

Something that every parent desires for their child.

Every child is born with a free spirit and we at shumee salute that spirit and wish to nurture it through our toys. Our toys are made in India by Indian designers and child development experts with locally sourced natural materials.

They also encourage free and natural play. Toys that do not take you down a set path, but encourage imagination, initiative and interpretation, encourage free play and free thought. Natural play jump-starts the imagination and pushes innovation.

play is best when child drives the play

Toys with buttons and batteries often are repetitive and get the same results over and over. Electronic games for instance often instruct the child every step of the way and make no room for individual differences in imagination and interests. A simple toy car on the other hand lets every child imagine his road, invent his own world.

stories inside each one of us

Toys are an integral part of growing up. But what do they do for your child? The right toy can help a child find out more about themselves and the world and impart independence. So how an you pick the right toy for your child?

Pick a toy that helps a child discover himself and the world.
Encourage play that is 90% child and 10% toy.
Because When a toy does more it requires a child to do less.
Self – propelled play is better than any battery driven toy.

toys and discoveries

So this independence day, make every child more independent! Let them discover their inner strengths and abilities even as they play and have fun. Start young and let them be free of outside support. Let them be independent! Happy Independence day!

August 12, 2016 — Shumee Toys

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