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If your child has started to pretend play, then their world and yours just got a whole lot more fun! Pretend play is how a little one mimics what they see around them, and learns more about the world. From role playing as a doctor or nurse in a hospital to a chef at a restaurant to a teacher at school, they can explore endless possibilities in the world of their imagination!

We all know that toddlers and preschoolers mostly imitate their parents, grandparents, and those around them. A wooden kitchen set is perfect to let your little one have their own kitchen in yours. A dessert set with cakes for birthdays or a magnetic ice cream set for a hot summer day are also great ways to indulge your child's imagination.

Pretend play hones creative thinking and builds your child's problem solving abilities. It is just as valuable for little boys as it is for girls. It's important to keep gender biases out of the playroom and let your child explore what they enjoy, be it cars, DIY play house, or amigurumi crochet plush toys.

From animal-themed lacing toys to kitchen sets to castle blocks to wobbly penguins, shumee has an excellent range of wooden pretend play toys. Find the perfect pretend play toy set to kindle your child's imagination and get the games started!

What age is appropriate for pretend play?
From 2-year-olds to adults, pretend play is for everyone! As your child grows, they will be drawn to different types of pretend play. From imitating you to playing with dolls to puppet play or acting, there are many awesome ways for your little one to explore their imagination and keep their creative thinking alight!

What are the benefits of pretend play?
Pretend play helps toddlers and preschoolers hone their imagination and creativity. It also helps them visualize and prepare for real world scenarios, teaches problem solving, deepens their empathy, and sharpens their social skills.

What is the difference between pretend play and imaginative play?
Pretend play is known by many names including imaginative play, role play, make believe, or fantasy play.

Shop for pretend play toys for kids online at shumee
As a kid, who doesn’t love to play pretend? Whether you were pretending to be a superhero, cooking at the stove or even playing “Mommy” or “Daddy” with your siblings, play time was always fun. In fact, many adults still enjoy their childhood fantasies of being a superhero. When children play “pretend,” they use their imaginations, solve problems on their own and develop social and language skills. A variety of pretend play toys can help children do that.

Playing pretend is one of the key components for any healthy childhood development. Kids develop their imagination, social skills and creative thinking while they are imitating adult roles around them. It helps them develop language and social skills. Pretend play toys and toy sets for kids, especially pretend play toys for toddlers and preschoolers, encourage the use of imagination and help children make sense of the world around them. Pretend play with friends and siblings fosters social and emotional skills and supports the development of language.

Best pretend play toys for babies, toddlers and preschoolers
If you're looking for the best wooden toys for kids, we've got you covered! We hope to help parents and grandparents (and even great aunts and uncles) pick out the perfect gift for their littlest loved ones -- no matter age, gender or interests. We offer a huge selection of wooden toys including best selling rattles and teethers - natural wood, organic cotton and cloth; pull-along toys; shape sorters; musical toys; puzzles; card games; wooden cars; doll house and the number one item on every parent's must-have list: wooden blocks. Our collection of toys for babies, toys for toddlers, toys for preschoolersand older kids includes favorites like the shape sorter, musical toys, educational toys, puzzles, games and so much more. There are even toys made famous by hit TV shows like Peppa Pig. Buying the perfect toy for your kids is just a few clicks away.

Why trust shumee when buying toys?
We are an Indian, mom-made brand passionate about making playtime free, safe, sustainable and skill-building for children everywhere. In the last 6+ years, we have shipped 100,000+ certified child-safe toys to kids in 6 countries. All shumee toys are designed in-house and crafted by local artisans using safe, natural materials like wood, cotton, cardboard, etc. They have no electronics or batteries and are painted with lead-free, safe colours. Polishing is done using almond oil or beeswax. shumee wooden toys are ASTM and EN71 certified for child-safety and completely plastic-free. These are educational toys without forcing children - the shumee philosophy is “Let kids play, learning will happen along the way.”