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Shumee: Your Online Destination for Baby & Kids Products
Discover a wide range of exciting baby and kids’ products at, the ultimate play and learning toy store for your little one! As a brand started by a mom, we understand your desire to provide the best toys for your child – no toxic materials in toys for newborns, no plastic toys for babies, and screen-free fun for toddlers. Which is why at shumee, we make wooden toys that are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and 100% child-safe. Our toys for kids are designed by in-house play experts from India's prestigious design schools like NID and NIFT and handcrafted locally by skilled artisans. So if you are looking for sustainable, educational, wooden toys that are made in India, shumee is the perfect online store for all your child’s play and learning needs!

Toys and Games for Babies & Kids
Play is the work of the child, and toys are a big part of that. The right toys are essential for your child to learn and grow, and these toys do not have to be complex! For instance, even simple playthings like wooden blocks can help a toddler think better and pick up objects with ease! Puzzles will help your child learn cause-and-effect. Wooden rattles help babies pay attention. Pretend play toys will spark your child’s self-expression and hone their social skills. At shumee, we design toys that children will instantly like and get curious about. This ensures hours of play, exploration, and growth!

Shop for Newborn & Baby Products in India
Shumee’s organic, child-safe baby toys are perfect for your newborn to begin their growth and development journey! We believe that your baby deserves the very best toys and you deserve a stress-free online toy shopping experience. So with a just simple click, you can now choose the perfect baby toys from and get it delivered anywhere in India! 

Benefits of Wooden Toys

  • Durability: Wooden toys are known for being sturdy and long-lasting, making them ideal for rough play.
  • Safety: High-quality wooden toys are typically free from harmful chemicals and toxins.
  • Natural and Eco-friendly: Wood is a renewable resource, and wooden toys are often made from sustainably sourced materials.
  • Aesthetic appeal: Wooden toys have a timeless, rustic charm that everyone loves!
  • Encourages creativity and imagination: Wooden toys are often simple and can be played with in many ways. This gives your child a chance to get creative during play!
  • Aids growth and development: Wooden toys help in sensory stimulation and imaginative play, and provides a calming effect for children with autism.

Select from shumee’s High-Quality Wooden Kids’ Toys

Here's A Look at Our Collection: Toys for babies include flashcards, milestone tracker cards, rattles and teethers, cloth diapers, and baby carriers. Shumee’s beautifully designed toys also make great gifts for babies! Toys for toddlers vary from pull-along toys, baby walkers, and puzzles and games for kids to number and counting toys, stacking toys and musical toys. Toys for preschoolers include memory games, jigsaw puzzles, balance boards, lacing toys, books, and art & craft DIY kits. We also have family fun games such as  Peppa Pig snap cards, board games, tic tac toe, and a collectible chess set. Finally, don’t forget to check out shmee's awesome collection of Montessori and Waldorf toys for at-home playrooms, preschools, and kindergartens.