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Toddlers are curious little people, itching to explore the world around them, asking questions nineteen to a dozen, and popping in and out of trouble! How can we as parents make sure that we turn toddlers' attention towards creative problems and their energy towards learning and building fresh skills?

Open-ended yet purposeful play is the answer. For this, you need to get your toddler the right set of toys and games that will hone age-appropriate skills and help them on their way to meet key milestones.

We have lots of wonderful play options for toddlers including active play toys that encourage physical play: mini bowling pins set, balancing games, climbing triangles including the Pikler triangle, the Montessori toddler tower, and more. We also have activity-based toys such as shape sorters, stacking and balancing toys, lacing and threading games, jigsaw and 3D puzzles, and more. We also have a range of indie books for toddlers in English, Malayalam, Tamil and Hindi, as well as wooden stamp sets and art and craft boxes.

Do Collection explore the collection and give your toddler's playroom a fresh update!