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What toys will a baby like? This can be difficult to know with a newborn who cannot tell you the colours, sounds, and activities they enjoy. So we at shumee have put together Ele's Curated Boxes of Play to help you out!

Each Box of Play has child-safe toys and a small parenting book that's designed for your baby's specific age. From sensory rattles that hone your baby's tactile and visual skills to adorable plush toys to encourage their motor skill development — we have just the right toy for every baby.

Each toy in our box will meet your child where they are at along their developmental journey and push them to grow. Our sustainable toys are also 100% safe to take in the mouth. Hours of engaged, happy play and bonding guaranteed!

Do newborns really need toys?
Babies may not play in the typical way, but they have their own ways of exploring and enjoying the world! Baby play can be a wonderful way to bond with your child and help them develop their senses. Getting a few good quality baby toys every 3 months or so can go a long way while playing with your little one.

What toys to get a baby of 0-3 months?
Babies of 0-3 months are just learning to see, hear, focus, and understand the feel of things. Toys like wooden rattles that make gentle sounds, crochet toys that they will enjoy touching, and adorable plush toys will all be delightful for a baby.

What does a rattle do for a baby?
The gentle sounds of a rattle will help hone a baby's hearing. A rattle's soothing sounds can also calm a cranky or agitated baby. Many rattles double as teethers that can relieve a baby's sore gums and come in cute designs, making them a child's first playmate!