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Looking for the latest toys for kids in India? Here's the newest collection we have to offer on our store. shumee takes pride in crafting innovative toys that are safe to play with and will help your little one learn new things in a fun way.

From rattles for babies to activity triangles for toddlers and puzzles for preschoolers, we have the perfect toy for every child. shumee's sustainable toys are made by expert in-house designers, come with minimal instructions, and can be enjoyed across ages. They encourage creative thinking and problem solving while honing motor and sensory skills.

Need help choosing the best toy for your child? Drop in an email or call us and we'll help you select the perfect fun and engaging toy that your child will love!

What toys are best for the environment?
Toys made of natural and organic materials are best for the environment as they last longer and can decompose naturally. Wooden toys are also timeless family heirlooms that are often passed on across generations.

Are wooden toys safe for children?
Toys made of wood are safe for children as they are free from toxins found in plastic toys. Check for ASTM and EN71 international toy safety to be sure that they are 100% child-safe.

Are simple toys better for kids?
Open-ended toys challenge children by engaging them in creative and fun ways. These not only help kids develop cognitive and motor skills, but make them confident, independent thinkers.