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Shop for musical toys for kids & babies online at shumee Did you know that children as old as a few months benefit from listening to and playing with musical toys? Musical toys for kids are not just fun but offer a wide range of benefits. These include honing their sensory skills and helping them learn to balance, improving gross and fine motor skills, and of course, calming a crying baby.

Introducing your child to music at an early age will also help them learn to understand and appreciate good tunes right from childhood! While there are tons of shiny plastic-based toys in the market, wooden musical toys are ideal for kids as it is eco-friendly, rich in sensory feel, and creates sounds that are deep, natural, and soothing. While wooden musical toys for babies could be as simple as a rattle or a shaker, wooden musical toys for toddlers include colourful walkers, musical trucks, and even wooden musical instruments.

Latest musical toys for babies, toddlers & preschoolers At shumee, we love a good musical toy! But our selection is not limited to just rattles or instruments. We have a wide range of musical toys that you can pick from including toys that encourage pretend play, pull along toys, and themed toys like that of Peppa Pig Toys and George! Even our rattles are designed in attractive and unique shapes and painted in colours that your child will love! Play with Bozo Bear and Ele the Elephant, or enjoy the textured feel of a gorgeous pastel crochet rattle. Our range of wooden musical instruments for kids are also themed after the jungle and its animals. This will invoke a child’s imagination and transport them deep into nature, the greatest source of all music!

Make shumee your one-stop-shop while buying toys for kids of all ages We at shumee believe that a child should control play and not a toy. This means that we design all our toys for kids to play with in different ways as they grow older. From our newborn baby toys to our wooden musical toys for 1-year-olds, every toy is created to stimulate a child in different ways across ages. For instance, our rattle rings could be a soothing musical toy when your child is 6 months old and then a funky bracelet or key ring for a toddler. Similarly, our musical toys for 1-2 year-olds include a musical animal truck. As your child grows older, they can use this same truck in their pretend play games. This makes shumee one of the best online shopping stores in India, whether you are looking for a toy that will grow with your child or an easy shopping experience for siblings of different ages!