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Preschoolers are ready to move from parallel play to social play with their peers and sometimes, solo play where they use their imagination to entertain themselves. They are also ready to pick up basic verbal and numeric skills, recognise patterns and colours, solve simple puzzles and more.

Each of these teaches them crucial skills including problem solving, curiosity, creativity, sensory awareness, fine and gross motor skills, memory and concentration. And toys play a major role in helping them build these in a fun, free, engaging way so that they retain these learnings as well later.

Our preschooler collection of toys includes fun multiplayer board games, puzzles of different complexities, lacing/threading puzzles, stacking games, balancing games, creative DIY projects, books of different reading levels, non-toxic playdough for creative play, pretend play toys, and much more.

Check out our preschooler collection as well as our curated subscription boxes of play for every 3-month age group. These are curated by our play experts to match the needs of every development stage and include toys, games and puzzles.

As always, our toys are made of natural materials made by local artisans. They're ASTM certified for safety too. So, do explore!