Little Krishna Combo - Peg Dolls, Memory Cards, and Book (4-8 years)

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Product description:

This Janmashtami celebrate Krishna's arrival with shumee's Little Krishna combo. It is a perfect way to introduce your child to the adventures of Little Krishna! Have fun acting out Krishna and Radha's friendship with peg dolls, get to know the characters from Krishna's life with the memory cards, and learn about his mischievous and playful sides from the story book.

The handcrafted peg dolls also double as lovely home decor for Janmashtami. These wooden dolls are hand-painted by local artisans, making them an excellent gift for the festival too!

What will I get?

Little Krishna Peg Dolls Set 4 handcrafted wooden doll figurines of Radha, Krishna, Yashoda and Balaram. These colorful dolls are just the right size for little hands! Little Krishna Memory Game A set of 10 pairs of memory cards, beautifully illustrated with characters from Krishna's life. Tales of Little Krishna Board Book A hardbound illustrated book with 5 fun and naughty stories from Krishna's life.

How to play?
  • This combo is a wonderful way to indulge your child in Indian culture with adorable stories about Little Krishna!
  • Read from the board book, showing your child all the different characters in the illustrations.
  • Shuffle the memory cards, lay them face down and pick two cards at random. Ask your child to pick the next two, and try to find a matching pair. Keep going in turns until you find all the pairs. The player with the most number of cards at the end wins the game.
  • Act out the stories using the peg dolls. Encourage your child to make up their own stories as they play along!
What will my child learn?
  • By remembering and matching the right cards, your little one will hone their focus, memory, and problem solving ability.
  • Coming up with their own stories and pretend playing with the dolls will keep your child's creative spark alight!
  • Picking, holding, and moving the cards and dolls will help strengthen your child's grip and dexterity.
  • The bright colous, adorable dolls and illustrations, and fun stories will get your child curious to know more and keep them engaged for hours.
  • Reading from the book and pretend playing with the dolls will develop their storytelling, vocabulary, and communication skills.
Materials and Dimensions?

These toys are made locally with child safe materials. Tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 international toy standards.

Peg Doll Size: Max: Height - 7 cm, Width - 2.5 cm Min : Height - 6 cm, Width - 2 cm

Little Krishna Combo - Peg Dolls, Memory Cards, and Book (4-8 years)

₹1,534 (incl. of all taxes)

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Wonderful kit to teach about tales of Krishna

Amazingly curated to teach tradition to out kids in a most engaging way & Extra ordinary quality 💯My daughter loved the Peg dolls ❤️👍

Aafreen Merani

The toy quality is excellent. Easier to shop online