Zeebo Wooden Pull-along Toy for (1-3 years)

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Product Description:

An adorable zebra pull-along toy that your little one can take along with them on their adventures!

What will I get?

A brightly colored zebra with wooden wheels attached to a strong thread. Your child can easily roll the toy fast in any direction they wish!

How to play?

Zeebo is here to brighten up playtime for your little one! Introduce your child to their new zebra friend and let them play with it however they wish to. You can show them how to pull the toy along, motivating them to stand up and try to walk. They may enjoy rolling the toy around or even making stories up and playing with the zebra.

What will my child learn?
  • Walking and pulling the toy along with them will help develop your child‚Äôs gross motor skills.
  • Playing with the uniquely shaped and brightly colored toy will sharpen their sensory skills.
  • The adorable zebra illustration will invoke curiosity in your little one and keep them engaged for hours.
Materials and Dimensions?

This toy is made of smooth and safe wood and is colored using non-toxic, eco-friendly paints. Certified and tested by ASTM international standards.

Dimensions: 18 x 11.5 cm

Zeebo Wooden Pull-along Toy for (1-3 years)

₹746 (incl. of all taxes)

Customer Reviews

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 Zeebo Wooden Pull-along Toy for (1-3 years)

Shilpi Jain

Very nice pull along toy. Vibrant colors and rolling ball makes it very attractive for the baby

Ritu Jangid

Zeebo Wooden Pull-along Toy

Vidya Ramaswamy

Zeebo Wooden Pull-along Toy

Moumita Pradhan

Excellent piece