Colourful Wooden Stepping Discs (1.5 - 8 yrs)

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Product Description:
This set of Colourful Wooden Stepping Discs for Kids is a wonderful Montessori inspired toy to add to your toddler’s playroom! The open ended-structure makes it ideal for all sorts of indoor and outdoor games, honing your child’s creativity and gross motor skills. It is an heirloom toy that will not only last your child years, but is perfect to pass on in the family!

What will I get?

A set of 6 wooden stepping discs that are 22 cm wide and 2 cm thick. The discs are made of sturdy and smooth natural rubber wood and painted with non-toxic colours. They have anti-slip bases, making them safe for indoor and outdoor play. Ideal for children between 1.5 to 8 years of age.

How to play?

There are endless ways to pay with these Wooden Stepping Discs!
- Jump from one disc to the next until you step on all of them. Time yourself and compete with friends and siblings.
- These discs makes a great addition to any obstacle course.
- Use these wooden discs to play hopscotch.
- Play the popular Hot Lava game, setting the discs around a room as safe objects for your child to leap on while they escape the lava on the floor!
- These discs can even be added to pretend play as tables, dance floors for dolls, or pebbles across a brook.

What will my child learn?

toys for creativity skill development

These discs are designed to encourage exploration and creativity. Your child can come up with endless ways to play with this set!


This toy will encourage physical activity, improving your child’s balance and coordination and strengthening their leg muscles. 





This set of minimally designed colorful wooden discs easily transforms into different objects during play and will keep your child’s imagination buzzing!


Materials and Dimensions?

This toy is made of sturdy and safe rubber wood and painted with child-safe non-toxic colours. Tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 International standards.

Note: The rich wooden texture of these discs is visible along the edges and underneath the colours. There are also slight differences in the colour of the wood across the discs. These are not defects, but intentional design features. Our toys are handmade from natural substances to nurture your child’s growth and development, while providing them a way to closely experience and appreciate nature.

Product Dimension: 22 cm x 2 cm 


Colourful Wooden Stepping Discs (1.5 - 8 yrs)

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Good product

As described by Shumee, the discs are sturdy, colourful and multipurpose. My kids love playing with them