Why a family meal is important for kids and families.

Why a family meal is important for kids and families.

What do family meals mean to the family?

They help build relationships. When you eat together you see one another over a comforting plate of food and bond with one another day after day. You talk, laugh or even argue, get to know one another and observe how the other behaves, building a relationship as you go. 

Inculcate better manners and politeness. When you eat together, you learn how to behave at the table. You listen politely, eat properly, answer questions and learn by observation. 

November 11, 2019 — Shumee Toys
Fathers Day

Fun activities and more for Father's day! How to make it special!

Every day we spend with Dad is special, but some days are more so than others.  You look up to your dad from the time you are a toddler and in some sense, though you may grow up to be a friend to the man who supported you every step of the way, you still look up to him as an adult.

How do you make father’s day special?

Let dad know you think of him all the time with a day of specials! Start with breakfast in bed and end it with a bedtime story. For the entire middle of the day, between breakfast in bed and bedtime stories, there are many age-appropriate ideas that you can indulge in.

June 10, 2019 — Shumee Toys