Baby Play Gym Set with Crochet Plush Toys for (0-3 years)

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Product Description:
Open up a little world of play for your child with this lovely baby gym made with sturdy organic wood, colourful crochet toys, and a soft quilt. This gym will spark a sense of wonder in your child and will help develop their sensory and motor skills. It will also give them a chance to explore different colours, sounds, and textures, making it a wonderful Montessori structure to add to your child's playroom.
What will I get?
- A sturdy and smooth wooden baby gym, with screws and tools to easily assemble it.
- A soft and comfy quilt with a neutral tone and simple pattern that your baby will enjoy sleeping and playing on.
- 3 crochet plush toys in the shapes of a sun, a cloud, and a star that you can hang from the gym. These toys have cute faces and come in the primary colours of red, yellow, and blue to stimulate your baby's visual senses. Perfect size for little hands to hold.
- The cloud and sun toys also double as rattles to soothe your baby. The star and sun toys have parts made of neem wood, which make them perfect teethers as well.
How to play?

Playtime just got a whole lot more fun! Attach the plush toys to the gym, place the quilt below it, and lay your baby on it.
- They will enjoy seeing the toys move and observing the different shapes and colours. In time, they will move their arms and legs to try and reach for the toys.
- The plush toys can also be used as rattles to create calming sounds for your baby and as teethers to soothe sore gums.
- When you are around, you can let your baby hold and play with the toys as they will love the textured feel of the crochet.
- The soft feel, neutral tone, and simple pattern on the quilt will gently engage your child’s developing senses. It will encourage them to turn over for tummy time, move their legs, and even try to crawl.
- As your baby grows older, the structure can be converted into a tent or a cosy corner for pretend play.

What will my child learn?

toys for building gross motor skillsReaching for the plush toys and playing on the quilt will hone your baby’s gross motor skills.



toys for fine motor skill development Their fine motor skills and grasp reflex will improve as they hold and play with the toys.



toys for sensory development Your baby's sense of hearing sharpens as they identify and respond to the sounds of the rattles. Their touch is enhanced when they play with the crochet plush toys. Their vision improves as they observe the colours and patterns on the toys and the quilt.


toys for curiosity skill development The fun shapes of the plush toys, the cute faces on them, and the sounds they makes will engage your baby’s attention and invoke curiosity.

Materials and Dimensions?

This toy is made from soft mango wood and organic cotton. It is painted using eco-friendly, non-toxic colours. Certified and tested by ASTM and EN71 International standards.

Dimensions: L- 86.5 cm X B-69 cm X H- 60.5 cm

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Baby Play Gym Set with Crochet Plush Toys for (0-3 years)

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Customer Reviews

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Shreya Shetty
Baby Loves it!

When we got this play gym, our baby was 3 months old. He enjoyed lying on the soft and comfortable quilt & observing the details of the plush toys. He gradually started batting at the toys and exploring its texture with its hands. We like how the wooden structure is sturdy and long enough to even use it to hang other mobiles. The height and length of the gym is very convenient. It’s been a great investment & I would recommend buying this play gym for your munchkins!