Crochet Sensory Cube For Babies (0-2 Years)

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Product Description:

A colourful, textured crochet cube that has an adorable bunny face and a rattle inside. This toy is perfect to stimulate your baby’s tactile, visual, and auditory skills and is sure to keep them engaged in play for hours! Light-weight and easy to carry around wherever you go.

What will I get?

A handwoven colourful crochet cube made of soft, organic cotton. The cube has different weaves on each side, a cute bunny face on the front, a coiled tail at the back, one side with polka dots, and ribbon loops along the edges. It also has a rattle inside which makes soothing sounds when you shake it.

How to play?
  • Hold the cube before your baby and shake it gently. Slowly move it from side to side, allowing their eyes to follow the sound.
  • Place the cube at a slight distance from your baby as an object to reach for with their hands or crawl towards.
  • Let your baby hold and enjoy the cube. They will love the textured feel of the crochet, running their fingers through the ribbon loops, and playing with the cute bunny.
  • They can also bite into the cube while they are teething as it is made of organic, non-toxic material and the loops are securely fastened.
What will my child learn?
  • Your baby's fine motor skills and pincer grip improve as they learn to hold the cube and play with it.
  • Their gross motor skills develop when they extend their arms or try to crawl and reach for the cube.
  • The sounds, colours, patterns, and cute bunny will engage your baby's attention, invoke their curiosity, and keep them engaged in play.
  • Your baby's sense of hearing sharpens as they identify and respond to the sound of the rattle. Their vision improves as they observe the colours and polka dots on the cube. Their sense of touch is enhanced through touching and playing with the crochet weaves.
Materials and Dimensions?

This toy is handmade with organic cotton and is painted with eco-friendly and non-toxic colours. Tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 international standards.

Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 4"

Crochet Sensory Cube For Babies (0-2 Years)

₹1,639 (incl. of all taxes)

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Akansha Chaudhari

Crochet Sensory Cube For Babies (0-2 Years)


Crochet Sensory Cube For Babies (0-2 Years)

colorful lovely toy

love the workmanship of the product. very nicely crafted

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Vibrant, eye catching toy

The Sensory Cube is a toy that piques the child's curiousity & catches as well as retains attention on the different textures, colours, etc. The little tinkering sound is pleasing & appeals to kids.

Dinaz Mehta

Crochet Sensory Cube For Babies (0-2 Years)