Engage your little one with interesting learning activities outside of school. These are a great way for you to open up new conversation tracks, spend time doing hands-on exercises with them, and build your relationship with your child.

Chore Chart

Keep track of the hits and misses in chore completion with these Glad & Mad stickers. A great way to track progress and instill a sense of achievement in them.

Dinosaur Fun

Who doesn’t love dinos? Even as adults, we do! This fun activity involves playing a game of sudoku with various dino images. How fun!

Pizza Mania

A pizza is definitely not for an everyday meal; but how about this paper-based DIY pizza that your kiddo can cut out and assemble?

Space Explorer

With ISRO’s mounting achievements in space exploration, it’s never been a more exciting time to explore this space! Try these counting, colouring, & crossword activities for starters.

Vacation Ready!

Recreate a favourite vacation memory with this little chart!

Birthday Blast

Dividing limited money among equally attractive things: a big concept taught simply through this fun birthday-money activity. Try!

Colourful Characters

Have a budding artist? Get them to create their own quirky animal character using this as a starting point.

Family Time

Teach your bub about your family with this cool exercise! Identify family members and find out more about them here.

Fruity Fun

Can your child tell apart fruits and veggies? This ‘mark the odd one out’ activity is perfect to help them learn!

Plants Puzzle

Plant a seed or sapling with your little one and track its growth every week. A wonderful way to get in touch with nature.