Mello Boxes - Box of Play for Toddlers [2-4 yrs]

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Curated toys for early development

We understand how the toddler mind works and what skills they need a little help with at different stages. Each shumee Box of Play is designed to do just this.

Helps build age-appropriate skills

Toddlers are endlessly curious. These toys are handpicked to encourage that and hone their creativity, sensory stimulation, problem solving skills, and motor skills.

A parenting guide in every box

Every Box of Play comes with a parenting playbook packed with ideas to encourage your toddler to play freely with these toys, insights on the specific skills they will build, and parenting tips to tackle the toddler years.

A new box arrives every 3 months

Toys come home just as your toddler grows to their next development stage!

Easy, hassle-free, convenient

Choose a plan (3 months (1box) /6 months (2 boxes) /1 yr (4 boxes)), order once, and relax. A new box of play will arrive at your doorstep just as your little one is ready for it.

Free, safe, sustainable play

Our toys are 100% natural, eco-friendly | Open-ended for free play | ASTM certified child-safe | Made with love in India

What's inside this box?
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Mello Boxes - Box of Play for Toddlers [2-4 yrs]

₹6,120 (incl. of all taxes)