Gift Box for Babies -3 (0-1 Years)

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Product description:

Discover the world through play with this Ele's Box for Babies! Perfect toys for your child as they learn to hold and examine objects, imitate sounds, listen to stories, and even say a few words. Let them stack, twist, and build their vocabulary while exploring the beautiful world around them!

What will I get?

(1) Flash cards: 5 sturdy flash cards with gorgeous illustrations of veggies.

(2) Rainbow stacker: A brightly coloured wooden stacking toy with 8 multi-coloured rings and a red topper made from ivory wood.

(3) Flipping blocks:
 A cute, mix-and-match wooden flipping toy with 4 colourful animal friends.

(4) Quirky bib*:
 A super-absorbent organic cotton bib that is great to catch all the messy spills which happen as your baby explores solid foods!

*Product colour/style may vary

(5) Parenting Guide: Expert created guide with early parenting tips on introducing toys, feeding, and more. 

How to play?

(1) Flash cards: 

You can hold the cards and show it to your child, point out the colours, and name the veggies. Create stories and songs around the images, and even encourage your child to make simple sounds as you play along. Over time, you can let your child hold, examine, and learn to identify the pictures. 

(2) Rainbow stacker:

Start by helping your child stack the rings from largest to smallest. You can teach them the names of the colours and tell them about the rainbow. Help them learn to count as they stack. Once they are comfortable with the toy, let them find the right order and stack on their own!

(3) Flipping blocks: 

See if your bub can flip the blocks to put together the right top and bottom halves of the animals. Or let them make comical variations with their own stories!

What will my child learn?      

toys for development of sensory skills
The bright colours and illustrations on all the toys will provide your child visual stimulation.



toys for development of fine motor skills
Holding the cards, stacking the rings, and flipping the blocks requires good grip and finger strength, which will hone your child's fine motor skills.



toys for developing problem solving skill

Figuring out out to match the right blocks while flipping and how to stack the rings in the correct order will develop their problem solving skills.



Materials & Care

These toys are handmade with organic cotton and wood and painted with eco-friendly and non-toxic colours. Tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 international toy standards.

Need more help?

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for subscription boxes. 

Gift Box for Babies -3 (0-1 Years)

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