My Pet Project Unicorn – A DIY Art Kit For Kids

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Who doesn’t love creating their own version of a popular stuff toy??  

#MyPetProject DIY Art Kit is a unique DIY stuffed toy painting Kit which lets you paint your own stuffed toy and have fun while making it! The Talking Canvas believes in inspiring kids by providing a stuffed toy as a canvas to let you create magic with color. It comes in 2 options: Dinosaur or Unicorn! Add your own style, patterns and quirky colors to this toy and flaunt your masterpiece!

1 Handcrafted White Cotton Stuff Toy – Dinosaur or Unicorn
6 tubs of Fabric paints
2 Brushes
1 Palette
2 Practice Sheets
Colour Mixing Guide

It’s an amazing engagement activity for kids.

Key Features

STEAM DIY Art Activity Kit for Kids aged 4+ Years – This is an introduction to toy design process for kids. It helps with visualisation, conceptualisation and design skills.

The goal of this DIY activity kit is to creatively engage a child

Easy Set up : Everything required for this activity is provided, so kids just have to open the kit and start the design and painting activity

Engaging : Kids can have fun decorating, colouring and creating a work of art which they can flaunt. Stuffed toy painting kits online in India is a great intermediate art activity for kids.

Gifting: Perfect birthday gift or return gifts for kids.

Type: Engagement and Creative Activity

The “My Pet Project” DIY art activity kit consists of a white handcrafted stuffed toy, high quality fabric paints, paint brush, palette, a practice sheet and a colour mixing guide to get your child explore a design and creativity stimulating activity. It is important for kids to handle art related activities, including but not limited to usage of paint brush, palette, paint control to improve hand-eye coordination.

This DIY Art activity allows a child to learn to control paintbrush and learning to control paint will improve the hand-eye motor coordination. This kit is designed to encourage visualization, creativity and curiosity through experiential design process and it also makes a perfect gift. Each “My Pet Project” DIY Activity Kit comes with a dinosaur or a unicorn art or craft kit for kids to enjoy the design process. The practice sheet embedded in the kit helps kids jot their ideas down on it along with arriving at the right composition of design. It is important for parents to encourage kids to first use the practice sheet and support the visualization process as it is the first step to understanding design. The Talking Canvas DIY Art Activity Kits are focused on developing important skills that encourage children to visualize, conceptualize, communicate and create design which they can proudly wear and flaunt. The fabric paints provided are of the highest quality.

This “Wear My Art” DIY activity kit includes a white cotton stuffed toy, which makes it easy for the brush with paint to slide across the surface of the toy. Kids can make a wide range of colors as per their imagination by mixing the 4 colours provided. It comes with 2 brushes to help with the colouring process. Each project comes wrapped individually with everything required to get the child started to creating a masterpiece. It has easy pictorial instructions. You are ready to begin when you open the box.

Unicorn arts and craft kits are a perfect activity to keep your child creatively engaged and also a perfect gift! Giving birthday gifts and return gifts is very common among young millennial parents. Why not, give a creative DIY art activity which will challenge and engage the child? Not just that, this gift will last as long as the child outgrows the t-shirt.

My Pet Project Unicorn – A DIY Art Kit For Kids

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