Red & Yellow Sunny Rattle (0-2 years)

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Product Description:
A lovely handcrafted red and yellow wooden rattle with a floral print that will be the perfect playmate for your little ball of sunshine!

What will I get?
What will I get?

data-mce-fragment="1">A smooth wooden rattle with 3 rounded bars and 3 colourful rings that move, collide and make gentle sounds to soothe your baby.

How to play?

- Hold the rattle before your baby and shake it gently. Slowly move it from side to side, allowing the baby’s eyes to follow the sound.

- Place the rattle at a slight distance from your child as an object to reach for and get to as they start crawling.

- Let your baby hold and play with it. They will be delighted by the bright colours, moving rings, and the cute design on the rattle.

What will my child learn?

toys for development of sensory skills

Your baby’s sense of hearing sharpens as they identify and respond to the sound of the rattle. Their vision improves as they observe the colours and print on it. Their sense of touch is enhanced through tactile stimulation.

toys for development of curiosity skills

The sounds, bright colours, and lovely illustration the rattle will engage their attention and invoke curiosity.



toys for development of fine motor skills


Your baby’s fine motor skills and grasp reflex improve as they learn to hold the rattle.

Materials & Care

This toy is made from eco-friendly materials and coloured using non-toxic paints. The toy is 100% child-safe, tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 international toy standards.

Dimensions:  7.5 cm x 5 cm x 5 cm

Red & Yellow Sunny Rattle (0-2 years)

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