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There's little else a child loves as much as reading a good book! Toddlers, who are just beginning to understand the world around them, enjoy books thoroughly. From the adorable illustrations in bright colours to the new words and worlds in the stories, everything they see and hear from a book will be a huge hit with them!

At shumee, we have an excellent collection of books for toddlers. Our books are especially designed for Indian children and many come in Hindi as well as English. From Tulia Books to T4tales to Little Lattitude, we have children's books from all the best contemporary Indian publishers.

Choose from our wide range of kids' reads including classics like the story of the adorable elephant, Gajapati Kulapati. We even have Pridhee's beloved Gol Mol Bol, Sarah Khoury's Adventures of Ciacio, and Jane Desuza's Party in the Sky.

Board books, hard cover books, and books with stories about Indian children are all wonderful for your little one to grow up with. They will love the bright pictures, cute characters, learning new words and concepts, and the rhyme and rhythm! If you'd like help to select the perfect book for your toddler, reach out to our team and we will be happy guide you.

What book should I read to a 1-year-old?
1-year-old children will love board books as these have a nice, chunky feel and will be easy for them to hold and turn. Books with full-page illustrations, simple sentences, and rhyming words will be hits with young toddlers.

Can a 3-year-old start reading?
While a 3-year-old may not be able to read entire words, they can definitely understand what they see on a page, identify letters, and even predict what will happen next. As meaning-making is one of the most important parts of reading, make sure you have a well-stocked collection of children's books at home.

Why is it important to read to toddlers?
Children's books are important for kids to pick up new words, think of the world in different ways, and learn to speak and empathize with others around them. Toddlers books will not only hone your child's vocabulary but will spark their imagination, creativity, and be an excellent way for you to bond with them!