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As Indian parents, most of us wish for our children to learn both English and our regional languages fluently. The good news is that young children pick up languages super quick and reading books with them is one of the best ways to help!

At shumee, we have a wonderful collection of Indian stories told in both English and other languages such as Hindi and Tamil. From the popular Gutargoo book to the classic Kahaani Puraani, retold by Pridhee and illustrated by Alicia Souza, you can choose from a wide range of Hindi stories transliterated to English.

We even have books such as The Musical Donkey with both Hindi and English text. In this way, your child can learn both languages at the same time! You could even make a fun game out of reading a book to your toddler or preschooler by asking them if they can repeat what you read in one language in another.

When it comes to buying books for toddlers, remember that the stories are what matter the most. Within our collection of Indian story books for Indian children, you will find the adorable elephant from Gajapati Kulapati or little Meena trying to look after her pet in Get Off The Camel! Help your child learn a language, have fun, build empathy, and explore their imagination with shumee's online collection of English and Hindi books.

How can I teach my 5-year-old Hindi language?
Reading Hindi books and talking to your little one in Hindi every now and then are the strongest ways to help them understand and feel confident about using the language.

How can I teach my child English?
Children pick up languages quickly and can absorb more than one language at the same time. To teach your child English, speak the language at home whenever possible and read English books to them. Books from publishers such as Karadi Tales or T4Tales will give your child a chance to hear Indian stories in English.

Can 6-year-old read?
A 6-year-old will be able to retell and sometimes even read stories they have heard many times before. Prompt them with pointers such as questions or look at pictures to help them weave the story together.