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While there are many types of dolls and plush toys in today's toy market, an adorable handmade crochet toy is timeless! For newborn babies, crochet rattles or sensory cubes are great to stimulate their tactile senses. Infants will love the varied feel of the weaves! The gentle and soothing sounds made by wooden crochet rattles will also help calm your baby to sleep.

Toddlers and preschoolers are sure to fall in love with cute amigurumi plush toys. At shumee, we have a range of crochet plush toys that are designed by children for children! From a Crochet Humpty Dumpty to a Crochet Giraffe and a Crochet Bunny, there's a perfect cuddly buddy for every little one!

For older children, we have a unique crochet skipping rope that is sure to be an instant hit. The handles don't just provide a firm grip, but also have smiley faces on them that any child will love!

Looking for a specific crochet toy? Reach out to our team at shumee and we will guide you to find what you need.

Are crochet toys washable?
Yes, crochet toys can be hand-washed. Soak the toy in cool water with mild detergent for 15-30 minutes, rinse, and gently dab and dry. If the crochet toy is your child's comfort object, we recommend getting 2 of the same toy for when it's time to run a wash!

Are crochet toys baby safe?
Babies will love the feel of crochet toys as the weaves will provide them with a rich, textured tactile sensation. Make sure the toy is made of child-safe organic cotton and non-toxic colours.

What are amigurumi toys?
Amigurumi toys are crochet animals made with a specific circular weave. The art form originated in Japan and has become popular among children's plush toys today!