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Shop for 3D puzzle toys for kids online at shumee
There are so many types of puzzles in today’s market from crosswords and sudokus to the classic jigsaw puzzle. But our favourite at shumee has been the 3D puzzle! 3D puzzles for kids are designed just like your regular jigsaws, except they are made of chunky and colourful blocks instead of tiny flat pieces. Our wooden 3D puzzles are the perfect way to introduce your toddler to games that stimulate their cognitive development in multiple ways.

3D puzzle toys improve your child’s ability to focus and concentrate for longer periods of time as these are fun to work on but take some time to complete. They teach your child how to problem solve and how to identify shapes and colours and differentiate between them. 3D puzzle games are also a great way to hone fine motor skills and spatial awareness. We at shumee have a wide range of wooden 3D puzzles for toddlers which are made of fun shapes! These will not only spark conversation about different topics but make beautiful decor in your child’s room. Ready to check out our selection?

Latest 3D puzzles for toddlers & preschoolers
We at shumee have a fantastic selection of colourful and exciting wooden 3D puzzles that your child is sure to love! You can pick from our animal puzzles like our Dino 3D Puzzle or our Snail 3D Puzzle. Tell your little one all about these amazing animals as they fix the models together, piece by piece. You could also pick from one of our vehicle-themed puzzles. With our Rocket 3D Puzzle, you can talk about launching into outer space and with our Shape Sorter Puzzle Boards, you can sort and fix as you talk about traveling through air, water, and land.

We also have some 3D puzzles that are shaped like clocks. These are perfect for you to teach your toddler about the concept of time. You can point out the numbers and move the hands of the clock as you show them how to read time.

All our 3D puzzles at shumee are also useful to teach your children about alphabets, numbers, and colours. When they are done fixing it, they can proudly display it in their room as their own little creation!

Why should you buy 3D puzzles from shumee while shopping online?
While shopping online, you may not be able to touch and feel a toy before purchase. But our promise has always been creating made of organic and natural materials are not only better for the environment, but for your child.

All our 3D puzzles for toddlers are made of smooth and strong wood. This ensures that it is safe from toxic chemicals and free of any splinters that could hurt a child. Our wooden 3D puzzles are also painted with natural, non-toxic paints. They are also just the right size for a child anywhere between 2-4 years to enjoy!