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If your child enjoys stacking, fixing, and creating, DIY toys would be a perfect addition to their play box! DIY building toys are all about putting shapes together in different ways to create different objects. You can tell stories or even pretend play around these toys once you have made them.

shumee's wooden toys are safe, light-weight, and ideal for a child looking to explore their inner craftsman. We have a DIY Playhouse that you and your little one can put together in many fun ways. We also have DIY activity sets for children where they can build their own table or chair with child-safe wooden planks and tools.

Our range of DIY toys includes lacing activities that any toddler will love! shumee also has an exciting range of DIY 3D paper crafts sets. These kids' activities boxes come in different themes from carnival to farm animals to forest friends.

Looking for something more open-ended? We've got you covered with shumee's range of wooden blocks and free play sets. These gender neutral toys will hone your child's cognitive abilities, motor skills, and provide hours of enjoyment!

What is a DIY toy?
A DIY toy is anything that your child has to create by themselves to play with! In such toys, making it is half the play. From DIY Modular Houses to DIY Wooden Tools Sets to blocks, lacing toys, and free play sets, shumee has many awesome DIY toys for your child to choose from.

What to get a kid who likes to build?
A DIY building toy would be a great choice for a child who likes to make things. A DIY Maker Set with child-friendly tools, a DIY Playhouse, or a 3D Paper Crafts Activity Kit are all good ideas.

What can I build with a toddler?
From DIY building toys to a lemonade stand in your apartment, there's a lot you can make with your child. Ask your child what story they would like to act out, look for inspiration around you, use simple wooden toys from their play box, and get creative. A house, a tent, a boat, or a spaceship, imagination is the limit!