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From wooden blocks and activity triangles to kids' puzzles and DIY toys, there are so many fantastic ways to help your toddler or preschooler learn through play.

Educational toys for children do not have to mean STEM toys or complex gadgets. We are shumee believe quite the opposite, actually. We make open-ended, simple toys that your child can engage with mindfully. When a child can drive their own play with toys such as alphabet blocks or story cubes, they learn so much more from it!

Free playing with open-ended toys is a great way for your little one to develop their cognitive, motor, and social skills. For example, playing with colourful blocks can help them learn to count, enhance their imagination, and develop their fine motor skills. Playing with puzzles will not only hone their logic and spatial awareness, but will develop their pincer grip too.

DIY 3D activity boxes for kids are also a fantastic way to hone your child's hand-eye coordination, bilateral coordination, and creative thinking. Another excellent way to keep their imagination alight is through kids' colouring books featuring their favourite farm and forest animals.

Educational and learning toys are all about making room for play where your child can actively engage their developing skills. Don't forget, even Einstein used to play with open-ended toys such as blocks and puzzles!

Are educational toys good for children?
There's no better teacher than play! Simple, open-ended toys that meet your child where they are at in their development and push them to the next level are fantastic to help them learn and grow.

What are some educational toys?
Toys such as wooden blocks and activity triangles will hone a toddler's motor and cognitive skills, teach them about colours and shapes, and help them learn to count. Kids' colouring books and DIY activity boxes will help them get creative, hone their imagination, and keep them curious and playing for hours!

What skills do toys help develop?
From cognitive skills such as problem solving, strategizing, memory, concentration, and spatial awareness, to fine and gross motor skills, to creativity and empathy, good toys like blocks and puzzles can help hone all your child's developing skills.