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The Pikler Triangle is a simple wooden triangle with rods across it that can be used as a climbing frame. While this may sound like a basic Montessori toy, this triangle is both recommended by childcare professionals and an all-time favourite among toddlers and preschoolers!

The Pikler Triangle allows children to grow at their own pace. From a crawling baby to a 1-year-old learning to walk to an enthusiastic 4-year-old, this sturdy triangle can be used in different ways according to your child's age and where they are at in their development.

This open-ended wooden toy allows children to learn balance, spatial awareness, and get creative. Holding onto the bars, lifting themselves up, or running and jumping around it will hone your child's fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Building a cozy kids' tent inside it or using it for pretend play are other common uses of the Pikler Triangle.

The shumee Pikler Triangle is a wonderful rainbow wooden activity toy that is best paired with a slider and climber which kids can use for extra fun!

What is the point of a Pikler Triangle?
A Pikler Triangle is an excellent Montessori toy that can help young children play and grow independently. This open-ended toy is designed for free play that will help babies and toddlers learn to stand, walk, and run. It is also a fun structure that open itself up to many different forms of creative play.

What age is a Pikler Triangle good for?
The Pikler Triangle is ideal for kids across ages, from 6-month-old babies to 5-year-old preschoolers. It is a toy that grows with your child in the first few years of their development.

Is the Pikler Triangle safe?
shumee's Pikler Triangle is 100% child-safe, tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 international toy standards. It is made from sturdy natural wood and can be securely assembled using our easy-to-follow manual.