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When it comes to making art, children are instinctive geniuses! They know what they want to create and aren't scared to colour outside the lines. Be it playing with paints or making a greeting card with stickers, they have great fun doing it and will surely want to do it again!

While arts and crafts can be done with simple materials around the house, it's always a good idea to have some staples in hand. Organic crayons and paints are great choices as these are not only eco-friendly, but safe for children's sensitive skin too.

Some easy children's colouring books are another excellent investment. These will spark your child's imagination and help them develop their focus, pincer grasp, finger strength, and hand-eye coordination. At shumee, we have a lovely range of colouring books with illustrations that your child will love.

A set of wooden stamps is a must-have in any child's art kit! shumee's wooden stamps come in adorable themes including Peppa Pig, Forest Friends, and more! These stamps are hand-carved by local artisans and can even be used as blocks or figurines in pretend play.

From DIY craft kits for toddlers to fun activities in colouring books, you are sure to find just the right art and craft activity for your little one at shumee!

What to get a child who likes art?
Colouring books, a drawing board, or a set of stamps and stickers are good gifts for a child who enjoys art.

What crafts should a 3-year-old do?
A 3-year-old will enjoy simple crafts such as colouring and cutting large shapes, making animal masks, creating a card with stickers, or folding and making shapes like fans, planes, or boats.

Why is art important for kids?
Art is essential for young children as it gives them an avenue to express themselves freely. It also helps hone cognitive and fine motor skills and is a fantastic way to soothe an agitated or anxious child.