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Children of all ages love to read books! To a preschooler, a book is a portal to a whole new way of seeing and enjoying the world. Books are an excellent way for children to learn about different people, cultures, places, animals, and more.

A preschooler will thoroughly enjoy reading a good story book. It will not only keep them keenly engaged for hours, but you will see them act out the stories in pretend play, find connections to what they learnt in the world around them, and use the new words from their favourite books in their speech!

At shumee, we have a wide collection of books for preschoolers. These include classic stories like The Singing Donkey and The Crocodile's Tail. We also have popular Indian books such as Jane DeSuza's The Party in the Sky, Lavanya Karthik's Ninja Nani, and stories of Maya by Meera Nair.

shumee's preschooler book collection includes all the best contemporary Indian children's books publishers such as Karadi Tales, Tulika Books, Little Lattitude, and Duckbill Books. From the bright and cute illustrations to the Indian stories, these books are a must-have in any Indian child's library!

What kind of books to preschoolers like?
Preschoolers like picture books and activity books that have simple and interesting stories. Make sure there are plenty of illustrations, the characters have relatable qualities and struggles, and that it's a little challenging without having too many new and confusing words!

Can I read chapter books to a 4-year-old?
While chapter books are preferable for slightly older children, we recommend that you start with series books to familiarize your preschooler with seeing one character across many scenarios. Sarah Khoury's Adventures of Ciacio and Lavanya Karthik's Ninja Nani are great picks for a 4-year-old.

Why are books important for a child's development?
Books help children improve their vocabulary and communication skills, broaden their understanding of the world, and sparks their imagination and creative thinking. Reading books also hones a child's their cognitive abilities and creates a deep and meaningful bond between parents and children.