High Contrast Black & White Flash Cards for Newborn Babies (0-6 months old)

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Product Description:
Three sets of gorgeously illustrated double-sided black and white flashcards for your growing child. These baby flash cards are designed to help your little one gradually recognize form, pattern, and colour over their first few months. They are wonderful to support your baby's growth and encourage parent-child bonding!

What will I get?

Set 1: 10 5"X7.5" double-sided flash cards. Bonus -- these cards come with holes and 5 lovely ribbons to turn it into a crib mobile! These cards have black and white illustrations of basic shapes on them. Set 2: 10 7.5"X 7.5" double-sided flash cards bound together into a foldout book. These cards have black and white illustrations of animals and natural elements on them. Set 3: 10 5"X7.5" double-sided flash cards. Bonus -- These high contrast flash cards are strung on a metal binder ring to make it easy to play with. These cards have clear patterns and illustrations of everyday objects on them. As your child can now see primary colours, we have introduced splashes of red, yellow, and blue along the black & white designs on this set.

How to play?
  • 0-2 months: The first set of flash cards is designed to stimulate a newborn who can only see in black and white. You can tie it above their crib or hold the cards at a distance of 8 to 12 inches and let your child enjoy the shapes.
  • 2-4 months: This set of high contrast cards comes as a flipbook. Place the book next to your baby during tummy time or while you change them and point out the different images. They will love the adorable animal and nature designs!
  • 4-6 months: This set of flash cards for babies will introduce your child to primary colours, fun patterns, and simple objects. You can hold the cards and show it to them, create stories and songs around the cards, and even encourage your child to make simple sounds as you play along. You can keep using all 3 sets in different ways as your child grows.

*Parental supervision is advised while your child plays with the binder ring.

What will my child learn?
  • The patterns, shapes, and high-contrast colours will stimulate your child's visual senses. These black & white flashcards for babies will help them concentrate, build spatial awareness, and will strengthen their eye muscles.
  • Reaching out their arms to touch the cards or crawling towards it as they grow older will develop their gross motor skills.
  • Touching, holding, and flipping these cards will hone their fine motor skills.
  • The basic forms, clear patterns, and splashes of colour will get your child curious and keep them engaged for hours.
  • Your child will learn communication skills when you make animal sounds, show matching objects, and build stories around the cards.
Materials and Dimensions?

These cards are made from high-quality natural material. Tested and Certified by ASTM International toy Standards.

High Contrast Black & White Flash Cards for Newborn Babies (0-6 months old)

₹1,015 (incl. of all taxes)

Customer Reviews

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Jyotsna George

Gifted these high contrast cards to my nephew and he loves them! He's just turning 2 months and is happy to spend his tummy time observing these cards! :)

Lovepreet kaur .
card quality is very nice

The quality of cards is great. My 3 months old focuses on the cards and enjoy playing with them. Really happy!

Bhumika Patel
amazing quality

The material is very good and the quality is amazing.
My daughter enjoys her play time with these cards!!

Deepti Moye
High contrast cards was my best buy

Though slightly reluctant i bought Shumee High Contrast Cards before i could deliver my baby. N to my surprise my son was hooked to them from month 1. I suggest all expecting mother's should definitely invest in these

Viraj Shah
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High Contrast Black & White Flash Cards for Newborn Babies (0-6 months old)