Colourful Clutch Ball (Soft) for Babies (0-3 years old)

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Product Description

A soft and squishy sensory ball in bright colours for your little sunshine! Unlike regular balls, this has a unique segmented design to make it easy for tiny hands to hold. It doubles as a soothing rattle, keeping your baby relaxed and happily engaged for hours!

What will I get?

- A soft and colourful ball with bright stripes, cleverly segmented for tiny hands to clutch. - The ball is filled with beads and doubles as a rattle that makes soothing sounds which your baby will love.

How to play?

- Hold the ball before your baby and shake it gently. - Slowly move it from side to side, allowing their eyes to follow the sound. - Place the ball at a slight distance from your child and encourage them to stretch their arms and reach for it, or to crawl and get to it. - Let them hold and play with it. They will enjoy the segmented feel and be delighted by the bright colours and patterns!

What will my child learn?
  • Your baby's sense of hearing will sharpen as they identify and respond to the sound of the rattle. Their vision will improve as they observe the colours and patterns on it. The segmented feel of the toy will also provide tactile stimulation.
  • Your baby's fine motor skills and grasp reflex will improve as they learn to hold the ball.
  • They will develop gross motor skills when they extend their arms or try to crawl and reach for the rattle.
  • The sounds, patterns, and bright colours will engage their attention and invoke curiosity
Materials and Dimensions?

This toy is made from organic cotton and polyfill. The colours used are safe and non-toxic. The toy is 100% child-safe, tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 international standards.

Please note: The outer fabric, which comes into direct contact with the baby's skin, is natural and organic. The filler is polyester as this keeps the plush toy fluffy and in proper shape. As such, this toy must not be chewed, ripped, or put under repeated stress. For your child's safety, we recommend play under adult supervision only.

Dimensions: 14 cm X 12 cm

Care Instructions: Hand/bucket wash and air dry. Do not tumble dry, heat or use harsh soap.

Colourful Clutch Ball (Soft) for Babies (0-3 years old)

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Customer Reviews

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Gifta John
Effective grip toy

Recommend for kids above 3 mnths .


Perfect for leg strengthening n developing motor skills

Just too cute 🥰

We got this for our friends new baby and they were so happy with this sensory clutch ball that they sent us a thank you message along with their son's video playing with the ball. We were truly impressed with the quality and design of this product as well as neutral colours choice 😊

Mishra Bhavesh

My baby really likes holding the ball beacuse of its colourful appearance and unique design

Dr Ammudha Selvaraj

Amazing products