Bozo Boxes - Box of Play for Preschoolers [4-5 yrs]

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Curated toys for early development

Preschoolers are unique little personalities! This is the time to introduce them to a variety of themes and objects to see what captures their interest. Each shumee Box of Play is designed to do just this.

Helps build age-appropriate skills

These toys are mostly open-ended, offering hours of free play limited only by your child's imagination. They also hone crucial developmental skills including problem solving, fine motor skills, communication, sensory development, and focus.

A parenting guide in every box

Every Box of Play comes with a parenting playbook packed with ideas to keep your preschooler interested in the world around them and practical parenting tips to tackle these wonderful years before they head to school.

A new box arrives every 3 months

Toys come home just as your child grows to their next development stage!

Easy, hassle-free, convenient

Choose a plan (3 months (1box) /6 months (2 boxes) /1 yr (4 boxes)), order once, and relax. A new box of play will arrive at your doorstep just as your little one is ready for it.

Free, safe, sustainable play

Our toys are 100% natural, eco-friendly | Open-ended for free play | ASTM certified child-safe | Made with love in India

What's inside this box?
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Bozo Boxes - Box of Play for Preschoolers [4-5 yrs]

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