Flower Garden Wooden Gear Toy (2-4 Years)

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Product Description:
This colourful Flower Garden Wooden Gear Toy is a multi-purpose STEM toy that your toddler will enjoy playing with and learn a lot from. Rotate the gears, fix them like puzzles, or try different combinations for the flowers in the garden! This toy is made of lightweight wood and is just the right size for little hands to enjoy.

STEM Learning & Pretend Play for Kids: STEM is an interdisciplinary, hands-on learning approach that will introduce your child to real-world applications of science, technology, engineering, and math. It is not meant to push them into these fields but to help develop critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation.

We believe that like everything else a child learns, even concepts of STEM are best absorbed through play! So this toy is designed to help your child question and enjoy learning activities as they play.
What will I get?
- A smooth wooden board illustrated with a gorgeous garden.
- 5 gears of different colours and sizes that can be fitted together as flowers in the garden. The big gears have knobs that you can use to rotate the flowers.

How to play?

- Ask your child to match the flower colours on the board with the gears. Rotate one gear and watch the whole garden whirr!
- The gears have teeth, two of which connect between every two flowers. Encourage your child to adjust the gears so they connect perfectly!
- The movement of one gear gets transferred to other gear only when they are interconnected. Allow your child to make arrangements where the gears do not connect. This will show them concepts such as motion and how machines work.
- Let your kid get creative by tracing the shapes of the gears and drawing their own garden!

What will my child learn?
When connected perfectly, rotating one gear will rotate the others as well. Finding these combinations will help your child build their problem solving abilities.

toys for building creativity in toddlers
Tracing the gears and drawing their own pictures around it will spark their creative thinking.

toys for curiosity skill development

Playing with this toy will get your child curious about motion and simple mechanics.

Materials and Dimensions?

This toy is made of smooth and soft birch ply and MDF wood. It is painted with eco-friendly and non-toxic colours. Tested and certified by ASTM international standards.
Dimensions: 24 cm x 13.5 cm x 2 cm 

What we stand for: 

Flower Garden Wooden Gear Toy (2-4 Years)

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Customer Reviews

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Sudha Mishra
Multipurpose Stem Toy

The flower Garden Gear toy from @shumeetoy is a multipurpose stem toy for kids.

Benefits of the flower Gear Toy

👉 Enhances problem solving
👉 Develops various skills
👉 Colour Recognition
👉 Hand eye coordination
👉 Develops fine motor skill
👉 Enhances concentration and focus
👉 Play based Learning
👉 Enhance memory power

Key points:

👉 Pocket friendly
👉 Eco friendly
👉 Durable
👉 Portable
👉 Non toxic
👉 Sustainable
👉 Safe

Do share it with moms/dads who are looking for buying sturdy and educational toys for their kids

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Kamlesh Malkani
Ecofriendly educational toy and quite engaging!

My 20 month old daughter is totally in love with this gear toy.
It’s vibrant colours grab her attention.
It’s quite sturdy and is a great medium to teach colour recognition, problem solving, hand and eye coordination. Once all flowers are in place the entire gear toy rotates when she rotates one gear , which is so exciting and it keeps her engaged for long times and help in improving her motor skills too.

Sonia Khanna
Beautiful toy

This eco-friendly toy, not just tells a beautiful story of its own but in simple way teaches colours, critical thinking, balancing and adjusting to your child. It's an innovative tool to improve child's thinking and practical learning. The material and colours are also super beautiful. We are in love with it.