Food Connect – A Tile-based Game for Kids(6- 8 years)

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Product description
Why are kids fussy eaters? Most of the time it is because foods are new and scary to young eaters! With shumee’s new game Food Connect, fussy eaters will learn to describe, try and love new foods!

Food Connect is a tile-laying game that helps children learn about shape, colour, mouth-feel, and food group of different fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy, and grains by building unique tracks of food as they play! Choose between cooperative and competitive play and create tracks that connect different foods together based on similar features. Strategize, take turns, and learn all about healthy eating through play! Food Connect is a great game for the whole family!

What will I get?
  • 40 Food Tiles
  • 1 prompt wooden dice
  • 1 instruction manual detailing rules of play
How to play?
  • Use your food tiles to understand food groups, texture, colour, and shape of the ingredient in your hand. Now think and strategize on your turn and play a tile to create tracks joining different food tiles together based on one common feature. Bonus points for joining tiles based on 2 or more features! Choose between three different difficulty levels to play!
  • Please refer to the included game manual for instructions on how to play the exciting games!
What will my child learn?
  • Player has to strategize and think about the best food to play on their turn. This allows them to focus on all the different features and assess the best tile to play for maximum points.
  • Each card carries information on the texture, shape, and mouth feel of the food allowing child to associate these factors with new foods when they try it. Creates positive associations with food.
  • Breaking down different features of foods allows for easy understanding and makes them curious to know more about what they eat.
  • Perfect platform for conversations about food and its many features, leading to an easy way to describe exactly what they want to eat! Helps curb fussy eating too.
Materials and Dimensions?

These cards are made from eco-friendly materials and printed withnon-toxic ink. They are 100% child-safe and certified by ASTM & EN-71 international safety standards.

Food Connect – A Tile-based Game for Kids(6- 8 years)

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Customer Reviews

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Good game for kids likes board games

I had purchased this for my 7 year old. Highly recommended also helps parents to keep their child away from screen.

Kamini Sharma
Wonderful product

Such a wonderful product . The quality of product is superb and the thickness of card is too good. It helps to gain knowledge of fruits, veggies to my 2.5 year old baby and as well as also have fun play for my 7 years old daughter . Highly satisfied.