1st Birthday Gift Box for Babies

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Product description:

Discover the world through play with this Ele's Box for Babies! Perfect toys for your child as they learn to hold and examine objects, enjoy sounds, listen to stories, and even say a few words. Let them stack, repeat, and build their vocabulary while exploring the beautiful world around them!

What will I get?

(1) Zeebo Pull-Along: A colourful, zebra-shaped pull-along toy, handcrafted from natural wood. The perfect companion for every little one who’s always on the move! 

(2) Bunny Rattle: A soft and adorable bunny-shaped rattle teether with a ring made of safe organic material. The cute plushie with long and dangling ears could easily make this your baby’s favourite bedtime toy!

(3) Baby Blocks: 4 colourful blocks of different shapes and patterns. Perfect for babies to hold, feel, stack, and learn with.

(4) Sound cards: 10 beautifully illustrated double-sided flashcards for babies that can be used for building focus, concentration, vocabulary, imagination, storytelling, and more.

(5) Parenting Guide: Expert created guide with early parenting tips on introducing toys, feeding, and more. 

How to play?

(1) Zeebo Pull-Along: 

Introduce your child to their new zebra friend and let them play with it however they wish to. You can show them how to pull the toy along, motivating them to stand up and try to walk. They may enjoy rolling the toy around or even making stories up and playing with the zebra.

(2) Bunny Rattle: 

- Hold the rattle before your baby and shake it gently. Slowly move it from side to side, allowing their eyes to follow the sound. Place it at a slight distance from your child as an object to reach for and get to as they start crawling.

- Let your child hold and play with it. They will enjoy the cushy feel of the plushie and be delighted by the bright colours and cute little bunny.

- They can sink their gums into the safe material of the rattle. The organic cotton is soft and easy to chew on and the sturdy beechwood will provide the right pressure to soothe sore gums.

(3) Baby Blocks: 

These blocks are sure to be an instant hit with any little one. The colours and patterns will spark their interest and keep them engaged for hours! You could teach them the names of colours and the different shapes the wooden blocks come in. They could even stack the blocks and make stories as they play along!

(4) Sound cards:

- Use these cards to introduce your little one to different animals and the sounds they make.
- Call out an animal and ask your child to find it.
- Build stories using these cards and have your child join in!

What will my child learn? 

toys for creativity skill development
Playing with the plushie on the rattle, building different scenes with the blocks, and telling stories using the cards will spark your child's creative thinking and imagination.

Pulling the zeebo and crawling towards the rattle will build their leg and arm strength.


toys for problem solving skill development
Learning to identify the animals on the cards will hone your child's problem solving skills.

Materials & Care

These toys are handmade with organic cotton and wood and painted with eco-friendly and non-toxic colours. Tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 international toy standards.

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1st Birthday Gift Box for Babies

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