Gift Box for Babies -1 (1-2 Years)

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Product description:

Discover the world through play with this Ele's Box for Babies! Perfect toys for your child as they learn to observe and identify various objects, pretend play different scenarios, and run around in their own make believe worlds! Let them sort, stack, and build their vocabulary while exploring the beautiful world around them.

What will I get?

(1) Crochet Fruits: A set of 5 colourful crocheted fruits filled with cotton. The set has an apple, a pear, a banana, grapes, and an orange. The fruits come in a bag which you can store them in or use in pretend play!

(2) Flash Cards: A colourful and informative set of 5 fruit flashcards, one side with an illustration of the complete fruit and the other with a cut view.

(3) Wooden Vehicles Set: A toy vehicle set with a wooden race car, seesaw boat, and helicopter with little people inside. A must-have for every child’s toy fleet!

(4) Play Mat: A play mat with a set of unique paths that you can lay out for the Help Squad vehicles.

(5) Parenting Guide: Expert created guide with early parenting tips on introducing toys, feeding, and more. 

How to play?

(1) Crochet Fruits:

- Familiarize your little one with the different fruits and use it as a way to get them excited about healthy eating habits.
- Let your child pretend play with these. They may want to make a salad, go shopping, or come up with totally new scenarios to use the fruits in! You can use these fruits to teach your child colours, numbers, and counting too.
(2) Flash Cards:
- Use these cards to introduce your little one to different fruits, their colours, shapes, and taste.
- Call out a fruit and ask your child to find it.
- Build stories using these cards and have your child join in!

(3) Wooden Vehicles Set: 

- Tell your child about each vehicle and is and how they are used.
- Enjoy the seesaw motion of the cute boat, turn the propeller blades to soar with the helicopter, or watch the car zoom on its big chunky wheels.
- Race the vehicles or create stories and pretend play with them.

 (4) Play Mat: 

Use this play mat as is or cut along the dotted lines to make unique paths. Perfect for creating for endless combinations and stories, stimulating imagination and enhancing your child’s fine motor skills.

What will my child learn?

The vehicles will get your child curious about travel and the fruits and fruit cards will get them excited about different tastes. Get ready to tel them everything you know!

toys for development of fine motor skills
Playing with the wooden vehicles and the crochet fruits will improve your child's fine motor skills.



toys for sensory skill development

The textured feel of the crochet fruits will provide tactile stimulation and the rich colours and fun patterns on the cards and vehicles will provide visual stimulation.


toys for developing problem solving skill

Learning to identify the fruits on the flash cards will hone their problem solving skills.

Materials & Care

These toys are handmade with organic cotton and wood and painted with eco-friendly and non-toxic colours. Tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 international toy standards.

Need more help?

Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions for subscription boxes. 

Gift Box for Babies -1 (1-2 Years)

₹1,575 (incl. of all taxes)