Lace and Stamp Combo

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toys for 3 year old

Have a budding little creative one at home? Then this Lace and Stamp combo of animal lacing toys and Peppa pig stamps and stickers is an absolute must have! Let your toddler lace together an elephant, a lion, a moose, or a koala or create a new animal of their choice. They can also express their imagination by creating with the Peppa Pig stamps and stickers. Both these Lace and Stamp toys are sure to keep them engaged in play for hours!

What will I get?

Lace and Make Safari Animals
- 17 handcrafted wooden lacing pieces for the animals' face, head, and bodies. These have holes through which a thread can be pulled.
- 2 colourful, non-breakable lace, just the right thickness for little hands.

Peppa Wooden Stamps and Sticker DIY Set
- 2 wooden handcrafted blocks with Peppa pig and George images.
- 2 bottles on non-toxic paint.
- Stickers of balloons, cakes, buntings and party elements.
- 5 Colourful folded cardstock papers that your child can get creative on!

How to play?
What will my child learn?

toys for fine motor skill development

Fine motor skills: Holding and using the stamps and holding each lacing piece and pushing the thread through the holes to make the animals will improve your child’s focus, grip, and dexterity.


toys for problem solving skill development

Problem solving: Learning to identify the right pieces to create each animal and being able to tell the order in which to lace them together will hone their problem solving ability.

toys for curiosity skill development

Curiosity: The cute animal shapes they make with their own hands will rouse your little one's interest in the animal kingdom. This can be a great entry point for you to tell them more!

Creativity: Creating visual images and experimenting with colours while using the stamps and lacing toys will develop their creativity.



toys for self expression skill development

Self Expression: Every child will use the stamps and stickers in a unique way to tell stories. Creating their own art and lacing together their own animals will stimulate self-expression.

Materials and Dimensions?

Lace and Stamp Combo

₹1,795 (incl. of all taxes)

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