Mommy and Me Wooden Stamps set (3-6 years)

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Every item here has been thoughtfully designed, crafted using 100% child-safe materials, and put together to give wings to your child’s imagination.

Product description:

Mom and me is a timeless relationship that enables empathy, curiosity and more.
Create stories of love, imagination and empathy with stamp pairs of mother and
baby animals. Match them or mix them up and learn more about them as you

What will I get?
  • Six mommy and me stamps with a dog and puppy, cow and calf and hen and chick blocks , hand-carved on seesham wood with great attention to detail. Toddler toys fashioned exactly right for small hands to hold.
  • 1 bottle of coloured ink to start
  • A notebook and a small bag for stamping
How to play?
  • Tell stories with colourful animal images. Dip the stamps in colors and print images on paper, cloth, gift wrapping and more. Use crayons or colour pencils to add a colourful element to cards and greetings.
  • Create personalized stationery or create wrapping paper to gift to others.
  • Create a T-shirt to gift or wear with any or all Monster images
  • Print toddler items (bibs, bags, wipe cloths etc.) with Monster stamps.
  • Multiple ways to play
  • Make your own unique gift wrapping with newspaper and brighten it with fun
    monster images in different colours.
  • Print images on card stock to create greeting and thank you cards.
What will my child learn?

Fine motor skills: Fashioned exactly right for small toddler hands to hold. Holding the blocks and printing the images hones fine motor skills.

toys for enhancing creativity skills

Creativity: Creating visual images and experimenting with colours develops creativity and innovation. Using different mediums to print on enhances imagination.

Self-expression: Playing with mommy and me blocks boosts imagination and allows for more lateral, out of the box thinking. Every child will use the stamps and colours in their own unique way and tell their own story. Using colours, images to create different items, stimulates self- expression.


Curiosity: Families start with mommy and me and are perfect for invoking curiosity as you build stories.


Materials and Dimensions?

They are hand carved on seesham wood with great attention to detail.



Mommy and Me Wooden Stamps set (3-6 years)

₹746 (incl. of all taxes)

Customer Reviews

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Meenu Sharma

Well crafted, fun shapes.

Ranjitha R

Mommy and Me Wooden Stamps set (3-6 years)

Rianka Sarkar

Although we bought it for my daughter, the entire family indulged in stamping.

Geeta Rajpal
The books that I purchased

The books that I purchased are very good stories. I must ask you to print them in both languages. Hindi AND English. I bought "The very hungry Caterpillar" hoping that it is only in English as the rest of the books. But, the copy that you sent me was printed in English AND Hindi, BOTH. I, as well as, the kids are delighted. I would have preferred every copy of the other books also to have been printed in the same format. It is extremely helpful, and can be enjoyed by those also who are only beginning to read in HINDI only. The stories like the "Farmer Falgu" or "Bholu, the camel" are enchanting for those children also who do not speak English and are learning Hindi as their formal language of studies. Apart from this, the stories are emotionally rich, very fine stories for children's emotional development and I find them very good reads for the children I read them to.

Jaya Kochhar Merh
Packaging too small

Hi this was to be a gift. I found the packaging too small given the price. Otherwise a great product.