Sea Wooden Lacing Set (2 pcs)

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Product Description:

A fish and an oyster block set that lets tiny hands create their own patterns as they learn about the sea, develop their fine motor skills and stimulate visual development.

What will I get?
  • Two beautifully crafted sea shape blocks that are just the right size for little toddler hands, each with holes to pass a string through it and several ways to play.
  • 2 Blunt wooden needles to push through the blocks.
  • Strong soft yarn to thread the needles and string the blocks together.


How to play?


  • Pass the needles through the holes with the thread and needle provided in the set and create a unique pattern. Undo it when done. String a different way the next time.
  • Stack them or prop them up and learn about stacking shapes, and patterns.
  • Engage in pretend play.
  • Teach about the sea as you introduce each one to your toddler as a fun learning aid.
  • Keeps your little ones engaged for hours as they thread each block together to make a little farm on a string.


What will my child learn?


toys for development of creativity skills

Creativity: Create beautiful designs with the sea shape cutouts



toys for development of fine motor skills

Fine motor skills: Enhances hand-eye coordination and works on fine motor skills as kids learn the precise art of pushing the needle in and out of the holes.


Excellent tool for self-expression as children build different stories and talk about the sea.

Communication: Learning about the sea and asking questions about it will help enhance vocabulary and communication skills.


Materials and Dimensions?

Made out of natural wood and coloured with non-toxic, water-based dyes.

Dimensions:  Block 1: 12.5 x 9  (cm), Block 1: 17 (cm)

Sea Wooden Lacing Set (2 pcs)

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Customer Reviews

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Very good product

The lace is long enough for running through the holes. The quality of wood is good.

Suchandra Roy Chowdhury

Sea Wooden Lacing Set (2 pcs)

Sandhya Menon
Good, skill-building toy for toddlers

Shumee lacing toys provides for an interesting way to encourage the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in kids!

Below are my observations that this practical and open-ended toy helped strengthen and improve in my child:
☑️Visual skills
✅Hand-eye coordination
☑️Pincer grip
✅Fine motor skills
☑️Patience, focus and concentration

I feel that the toy also prepares them for foundational skills such as to tie shoe laces, use scissors and write.

Also, Shumee toys are made in India with natural and wooden materials which helps replace and reduce the dependency on plastics!

Totally worth the buy. Highly recommend.

Arunima Raj
Like the toy

The toy idea is good and varied unlike others in the market and was thrilled to order this as I was sure it will engage my son. But the product I received had imperfections on the fact that the the wooden needle was fat enough for the holes that my son was able to lace around and so he had lost interest with the toy... now I’m trying to bring him back to the toy