Wobble and Roll Toys Combo

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Wobble and Roll Toys Combo

This combo comes with two simple and fun toys that helps a young toddler hone their motor and sensory skills. While the cute penguin teaches them about balance, the rolling peg will keep them moving. Both the toys will be instant hits with your child and are sure to keep them playing for hours!

What will I get?

Wobbly Penguin - Roly Poly Toys for Toddlers
A penguin that wobbles and rolls all the way from the Arctic but never falls down no matter how often it is pushed.

Rolling Peg Ball
A bright yellow wooden ball with 6 colorful pegs that pop in and out as the ball is rolled.

How to play?
What will my child learn?

toys for sensory skill development

Sensory:  The well-rounded pegs on the ball will enhance tactile stimulation and following the movement of the penguin will build focus and enable both eyes to work together. The bright colours on both toys will help with visual stimulation.

toys for fine motor skill development

Fine motor: Rolling the ball and playing with the pegs will hone your baby's fine motor skills.

toys for gross motors skill development

Gross motor skills: Chasing to reach the toys while crawling will speed up your baby’s motor reflexes and strengthen their muscles. Extending their arms towards their toys will also hone their gross motor skills.

toys for curiosity skill development

Curiosity:  The bright colors and fun designs will engage their sense of curiosity and keep them exploring for hours.

Materials and Dimensions?

Wobble and Roll Toys Combo

₹1,083 (incl. of all taxes)

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Wobble and Roll Toys Combo