Number Friends - Learn Maths (3-6 years)

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Product Description:
Who says math can't be fun? These Number Friends will give your child visual representation of numbers, addition, and subtraction, and make learning to count a whole lot more enjoyable! 
What will I get?
- 3 colourful wooden figurines with cute faces and bodies that have (+) (-) and (=) symbols respectively.
- 10 lightweight discs with numbers from 1 to 10. 
- 2 blocks with numbers from 11 to 16 and 17 to 20 respectively.
How to play?
- Use the discs to help your child learn numbers and counting. 
- Once they are familiar with the basics, introduce the figurines and simple addition and subtraction. 
- When they are ready, throw in the blocks and take the math games to another level!
- You can also use these figurines, discs, and blocks in other play sets. Get creative and find ways to pretend play with them!
What will my child learn?
toys for development of problem solving skills

Learning to count and do simple math will hone your child's problem solving and overall cognitive skills. 

toys for development of curiosity skills
The cute figurines, discs, and blocks will pique their curiosity about real world application of math. Help them connect, learn, and grow!

Materials and Dimensions?

This set is made with smooth and safe wood and and non-toxic, water-based colours. Tested and certified by ASTM and EN71 international toy standards. 

Number Friends - Learn Maths (3-6 years)

₹521 (incl. of all taxes)

Customer Reviews

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Excellent product!!

Hi, I purchased number friends - learn maths toy for a 5 year old and the product is excellent. It's a fun way to learn maths for little one's and a great gift!

Daughter Loved It 🙂

Fun to learn, Good Finishing more over Eco Friendly and within budget. Aur kya chahiye.

Malarvizhi V.
Liked the concept of introducing

Liked the concept of introducing maths to daughter is playing with the dolls and numbers everyday so it is worth the money

Kshitija K.
Innovative and fun !

I got this as a gift for my 3 yr old nephew who stays in the UK. He definitely seemed curious to play with signs since they are introduced in his preschool. I have no doubt that he will find math exciting with this adorable set :)

Guneet G.
Hello, it's been a great

Hello, it's been a great experience shopping with Shumee, the toys are beautiful and everytime I look at the toys I wish to buy all the available ones.. Till now I have bought 5 different toys. My child likes them all. Thank you Shumee for making eco friendly products and that also made in India. Stay blessed